Pistachio Pesto

Pistachio pesto is one of those condiments that is not readily available in the supermarkets. Changing the pesto recipe from pine nuts to pistachios transforms the taste of the pesto completely. I did not use cheese in this recipe because it was a big batch and I wanted to freeze the pesto. You can always add the cheese before eating.

Blanch the herbs and garlic before blending, they will stay green much longer.


Harissa tastes like a very flavorful hot sauce. The flavors in harissa are not restricted to spicy chilies. In fact, you can make harissa as spicy as possible or as mild as possible. I like to mix different varieties of dried red chilies. In this batch, I have 6 oz. of guajillo chilies and 6 oz. of dried red chilies from the Indian store (which are quite spicy). I know of people who would love to have harissa made at least 50% of dried habaneros (not me). You can make harissa from sundried roasted red pepper and sundried tomatoes as well and skip the chilies.