I have had my eye on this pan for a while. Everyone has been talking about this 'Always Pan' and it has had rave reviews all over. As far as I am concerned, the proof of the pan is in cooking results achieved with it. Most nonstick pans I have used in the past, do not last more than 5-6 months and then they get used as pans to reheat food. The only set that has held up so far is a set of three pans from Henckels that have withstood a fair amount of abuse in the kitchen and still held up for cooking omelets and scrambled eggs after a couple of years.

However, this pan appears to do that and more. It has a nice domed lid that can accommodate greens that wilt when cooked. It is large enough to cook stir fries and comes with a steamer basket that can be used for steaming rice and dumplings or vegetables. So when I had to get rid of some of my old cookware, I ordered this pan. It did take a while to show up, because of high demand and delayed shipping times.

I have had this for two weeks now and use it frequently. So far, I have made, fried rice, ground chicken, spinach, scrambled eggs and okra. Stay tuned for more as I continue to test drive this 'Always Pan' in my kitchen.

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